Monday, November 26, 2007

It's That Time Of Year.. For Countdowns Of Everything

"Great American Country wants fans to choose the Top 50 Videos of 2007 and there are well over 100 videos to pick from. Vote for up to 10 of your favorites each day, but you can only vote once per day through December 7th.."

Two of Toby Keith’s music videos - “High Maintenance Woman” and “Love Me If You Can” - are among the 100 plus video nominees, according to Keith's website, so it appears that even our artists get into the process of ranking and counting 'em down.

Country fans, thankfully, feel like they OWN their favorite radio stations and video channels and they love being asked to help co-create content with you. Some folks feel like the old tactic "building a new radio station for you" is passe for some formats and audiences, but definitely NOT for our listeners, in my experience!

Even if you routinely do weekly music testing all year round, now is a great time of year to report back to your music panel participants on your findings and changes you made in an email and on the air, so they know that you listen and respond when they speak to you!

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