Thursday, November 29, 2007

Will DWTS Make Julianne Hough The Next Carrie?

Hopes are high, of course, in her home state of Utah now that she has coached, partnered with stars and danced to the championship twice and she certainly has the all around talent to do it.

It looks like there's money behind her. Nashville vet David Malloy helped her last year with her ITunes hit, which got next to no radio airplay, due to getting no promotion to radio other than a bit of PR to keep the buzz building on her.

Malloy's backgound gives me hope that he knows she needs a major label's support.

And, as nice as "Unraveling" is, I think she also needs three absolutely undeniable great, great songs which define her as totally unique.

Country is an uphill battle for any female singer, since year after year three out of four of the hits are by males. The recycle bin next to my considerations stack is cluttered with great female singers who tried to make it on the national stage with just an indie label behind them and/or with songs that are just "pretty good."

It's not FAIR, but that is how it is.


www/c, said...

Hough has signed to Universal Music Group Nashville, a label spokesman has confirmed. She will be recording in Nashville in mid-December with her first single on Mercury Nashville scheduled next year.

David said...

Hi Jaye, David Malloy here. I'm thrilled to be working with Julianne on her Universal deal. We have recorded a few things already that I think will be huge. Julianne is a great singer, very powerful voice. I really never expected it when we first started working together. She wanted songs with some range to them. I wasn't sure since non of us had really ever heard her sing. Well, I was blown away, she;s got range for days and pours out emotion. Keep an eye on her she's going to be huge!!!