Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Rooster Puts On A Santa Suit

Is this the first solid Christmas music country station?

If you know any any others, let me know, but it seems that the first one of 2007 is the station which used to be called "Rooster Country 107" and then migrated to "107.3" and most recently to "93.3" has also just moved to Christmas music.

Listeners to WROO have to be wondering what other surprises CCU OM Gail Austin has for them in 2008...

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Buzz Jackson said...

KOAZ (Cat Country 97.5) in Tucson went all country Christmas a few year back before switching to hot-AC.

Bummer about WROO - as you know, a lot of my blood and sweat went into the Rooster in the late 90's and it was always a viable radio station until the merger. Then it got cannibalized and left for dead. Oh well, such is radio.