Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How Many Artists Will Thank Radio On ABC-TV?

.. after resignedly watching the last few TV awards shows, I have to say two things.

1. The above is a rhetorical question (for reasons which elude me).
2. Garth Brooks "gets it."

Garth Brooks has now surpassed Elvis Presley as the top selling artist in the history of American Music and top selling solo artist Worldwide with album sales in excess of 123 million.

When Garth retired some 8 years ago, his total sales were around 104 million albums. Since then he's continued to sell 19 million more albums bringing his total to in excess of 123 million. That deed was announced officially yesterday morning on the steps of Capitol Records in Hollywood, when the RIAA General Manager, Joel Flatow, presented Brooks with his plaque commemorating sales of more than 123 million units. (take a listen to what Garth said)

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