Monday, November 05, 2007

The Old Stunts Are The Best Stunts

In Huntsville this morning just as Garth's "Ultimate Hits" collection hits stores, Clear Channel PD Jim Tice flips WDRM, Huntsville at 7:20 a.m to "Garth 102.1 FM," with all Garth songs all day long and the imaging customized by Garth for the rest of today.

Of course, 'DRM is giving away "Ultimate Hits" packages every hour all day, qualifying winners for a trip to K.C.

A personal story of branding numerous launching stations "Garth" in the early 90's: WBUL, Lexington, started that way, as did WOW-FM, Birmingham and Froggy 99.9, Fargo and quite a lot of today's very successful country stations consulted back then by either "A" or "O"..

However, ultimately, in Fresno when we did the stunt again, I knew we were in trouble when we then changed after a few weeks from "Garth" to "Frog" .. and almost immediately started getting calls from listeners saying they actually liked "K-Garth" better!

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