Monday, November 19, 2007

Trace Adkins Customized Video On Your/Your Competition's Website

TRACE ADKINS will star as a video spokesperson on the Web sites of 25 radio stations as part of Capitol Records' campaign to promote the new album beginning today.

The promotion also includes a contest to win a Dream Trip to Paris (and I don't mean Paris, Texas). Adkins appears on the Web sites through the use of the iAds Video Spokesperson from Innovate Ads.

Launching Adkins' new single, video and promoting the new album, the Adkins "Love Doctor" ad campaign kicks off today on three leading country radio station Web sites, and then rolls out nationwide over the next three weeks. The first stations to carry the ad are KMLE/Phoenix, WLXX/Lexington and KKNG/Oklahoma City.

Adkins stars as the video spokesperson on each station's Web site and promotes the radio stations by using the station's call letters, promoting the station contests and events. He offers them a chance to win a trip for two to Paris, France; view his new video; and/or buy his new album by clicking on him. The campaign concludes on Dec. 31.
The iAds Video Spokesperson brings the celebrity personality to a new medium--radio station Web sites--where the celebrity repeats the call letters in a video that is customized for each individual radio station: "This creates a personal connection between the celebrity and the visitor and is proven to increase click-through." -- John Cecil, president of Innovate Ads

This is the second campaign Capitol Records has done with Innovate Ads starring Adkins. Adkins was the video spokesperson for 15 radio stations Web sites in August--telling viewers about his new CD, inviting them to buy it by clicking on him, and communicating the stations' current promotions. More than 495,000 people viewed the Adkins Video Spokesperson ad on the radio station Web sites, and more than 57,000 clicked to go to his "buy page."

The campaign will run on the Web sites of "top" country radio stations in the following markets as chosen by the Capitol/Nashville promo team: Phoenix, Spokane, Visalia-Tular, Portland, Fresno, Bakersfield, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, San Francisco, Madison, Indianapolis, Lexington, Philadelphia, Roanoke, Greensboro, Augusta, Atlanta, Columbia, Ft Myers, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and Wichita.

Is it just me? If you were going on WebTV, wouldn't you get a haircut or at least tuck that pony tail into the hat? Where were the Queer Eye guys when straight guy Trace needed 'em? (smile)

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