Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Only Have Two Complaints On This Clear Channel Contest

Here's the promo, heard in Washington, D.C.: The Money is in the Music -- with the WMZQ $1000 Cash Song Of The Day. Listen weekday mornings at 7:35 for the song of the day to play -- then be caller nine and you win $1000 for your workday or $5000 on Thursday. And we really, really want you to win -- so you've got an extra chance to enter online. Check our web site for a calendar of songs to listen for.

1. Could "we" please ban plural pronouns from all stationality? The words "us" and "we" offer one more opportunity to brand your product.

2, If you really, really, really, really want to get more people to participate, why not make more specific listening appointments than just one per day at 7:35 and tell me exactly when you'll play the song on the web-based music calendar, or even better on the air right now so I don't have to do anything but LISTEN?

OK, I am feeling better now, thank you.

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