Thursday, November 08, 2007

"...Young People...Are Looking For A Radio Experience That Reflects Their World...”

If you want to read an innovative application for a new radio station in Kelowna that it seems to me might be a template for what many of us will be doing in the future, click on the CRTC hearings on new licenses for the Okanogan.

You may want to look at all of the excellent presentations from the competing applicants, but at the very least page down to line #678 and read the proposal from the new owners of CHUM group, CTVGlobemedia for a mind-expanding presentation on integrating free radio and the internet in ways to attract young listeners.

They called it alternative interactive radio or “AIR-FM,”

To quote the application: “We do not believe young people have given up on radio. We believe they are simply looking for a radio experience that reflects their world.”

A big thank you to Rod Schween,GM at CHLB-CJBZ, Lethbridge for calling it to our attention! If this doesn’t happen in Kelowna, I’ll bet it does happen soon somewhere!

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Tony said...

Interesting that they are "adopting" artists and helping to break them to the "next level", in this case internationally...this seems to go in direct opposition to what we've been hearing for years...that radio listens want familiarity above all else. Wouldn't it be nice to see a chain (without interference from labels) adopt an act (say Taylor or Aldean) and help MAKE the future. Maybe 1 per year. Who knows what may happen to listeners who feel that they were on the ground floor (a la American Idol)...interesting concept...I would love to see someone try it!
Tony Benken