Monday, April 02, 2007

You Think You Know How Great Someone Is.. And, Then...

..the newspaper does a feature on him and you REALLY get to know them, understanding even more about why you admired them before and now you look up to them even MORE. Such it is with my friend, Chris Harding, Music Director/Assistant Program Director at BX93 (CJBX-FM)in London. ("From never before being able to run, to preparing for his first full marathon at 53, Chris Harding has come far")

"I may have mentioned the lung/asthma study I was involved in three-four years ago - it is being published in the New England Journal of Medicine today, and after reading last year's London Hospital Annual Report which included a story on my involvement, someone in either South Africa or the UK suggested that they use me as a spokesperson when the NEJM story hit. I've done TV and Cable TV news plus seven radio interviews over the last two days including CBC...the PR folks expect more."

You GO, Chris! I am so proud to know you, an inspiration!

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