Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interprep Quick Hits

Have you subscribed to Steve Holstein's free daily email yet? Here's today's:

The Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma had a scary situationTuesday morning and went to a campus-wide lockdown. But before lunchtime the lockdown was lifted and officials issued a statement attributing it to a yoga mat mistaken for a weapon. Turns out it wasn't a yoga mat -- it was an umbrella.

The Washington Post calls them "grief profiteers" -- people who register domain names that tie in with tragedy. Already a number ofVirginia Tech massacre domains have been purchased.

Today is Pet Owners Independence Day. Dog and cat owners take the day off from work and the pets go to work in their place.

How's this for an insult: Sanjaya (American Idol) was Maxim magazine's online Girl of the Day Tuesday at MaximOnline.com.

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