Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "The New Face Of Country Music"

"Tune in KISS-FM for a spell and you're likely to hear country megastars Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood sandwiched around MTV pop queen Gwen Stefani and the alt hip-hop of Gym Class Heroes. What was once as odd as mixing Skoal with Bazooka Joe isn't anymore. "Our job is to play the hits, no matter where they come from," says WAKS FM/96.5 program director Bo Matthews. As it turns out, more and more pop hits are coming from
-- Plain Dealer Reporter Bill Lubinger has spent the past few week's looking into the new, fresh face of Nashville, which has to make A&O pals at Clear Channel/Cleveland, OM Kevin Metheny and new WGAR PD Brian Jennings very happy indeed .. (I, too, am loving all of the attention, of course, but am starting to wonder if it's time for Alan Jackson to pen another verse to "Gone Country"..)

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