Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus Fallout For Media Marketers: Janet Jackson Chill Will Turn Icy

Fortunately, the country format is not one where as MediaPost's Wayne Friedman posits
"Most of the media gains success by being edgy -- from FX to cable news shows. Time magazine recently reminded us that for Bill O'Reilly on Fox or Glenn Beck on CNN, "offense is the coin of the cable realm." What would happen if advertisers believed that someone was unfairly targeted, that someone's reputation was hurt?"
.. but his media critique is still worthy of a read and serious thought! Dittos with the comments of Edison Research's Sean Ross:
"Maybe the most disheartening thing about the comments that led to Don Imus' firing yesterday is that for most people who spend any time with Talk radio or edgy high-profile morning shows, those comments weren't the worst thing they'd ever heard on the radio.Imus' comments were inexcusable, but they weren't unusual... If anything positive is to come from the Imus controversy in the long run, it is that PDs, GMs, and owners must instill and reinforce a policy of "first do no harm to the audience" and make very clear that they mean to the whole audience, not just those in the target demo. Air talent will always make mistakes, but an ongoing series of deliberate provocations is different from an unfortunate stray remark. And so much recent content has been more insidious because it so often reflects not even a personality's true beliefs, but a calculated desire for publicity and an inability to get it without choosing to hurt others. If all of that were gone, we would all have a better chance of moving forward together."

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