Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jimmy Wayne Update

Wayne has been working on his sophomore release for several months; tracks are being produced by both Mark Bright & Nathan Chapman. Jimmy noted both producers bring something unique to the table:
“Being in the studio with a producer like Mark was awesome. He's very smart and musical. He knows exactly what he wants. He has a style. And Nathan Chapman is new. His excitement level is astronomical. He's fun to be around, like and old soul. He's very creative and fearless…Nathan has a style as well. The outcome is very satisfying.”

John Zarling reports Jimmy can’t wait for fans to hear the outcome, but in the meantime, 2003’s most played new artist is giving back to numerous charities. He was the featured performer at the Southern Oregon Inaugural Autism Gala on April 13th, which was held at the Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford, Oregon.

PS to air personalities from Jaye Albright: the above quote, while very fascinating to those of us in the music biz is exactly the kind of statement from an artist I'd say you should never, ever use on the air. For me, it completely fails the 'who cares' test.

Jimmy Wayne's name is barely familiar, so why link it on the air with Nashville insiders listeners know nothing about?

A better bet, if you want to mention Jimmy on the air before he has anything new you can play is to talk about his former hit songs listeners may know and like, or mention where he's going to be playing, if it happens to be in your area.

Winning content relates to your listener's life, 100% of the time.

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