Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ideas For Tomorrow's Shows

What are some possible ideas, topics for the show tomorrow in light of the tragedy at Virginia Tech? I've been talking with my radio buddies around the country and we've been sharing ideas and numbers.

1. Right now I'm contacting all the local colleges in Houston and either having them on tomorrow to talk about what precautions they are taking so this doesn't happen here, or having them at least send me a press release.

2. Let the high school kids and college kids talk to us on the show. Let the kids be the focus and let them talk, talk, talk.

3. We are tracking down people who witnessed the event and hopefully we'll be talking to them tomorrow morning.

4. Besides all the national audio for tomorrow we need local audio. Get this from the local TV stations' websites, Newspaper, etc.

5. Track down people who lived through this at Columbine to let us know what these people are going through. The Anniversary for Columbine is next week.

6. This is always a good time to get a Pastor type that is known in your city to talk to the show and spread some positives thoughts to everybody.

6. Did I mention let the kids talk about this awful tragedy?

-- Eric Rowe, Executive Producer, The Roula and Ryan Show, 104.1 KRBE, Houston, TX

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