Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl = America's Truest National Holiday?

With 30-second spots going for as much as $2.6 million this year, Media Post's Laurie Petersen writes: it's again become as big a cultural event for the advertising as for the action on the field. Add a dollop of consumer-generated media this year, and watch it unfold. Here are some links to enhance your experience.

Popular Super Bowl Myths Debunked

ESPN's Top 10 List of All-Time Greatest Super Bowl Commercials

Manning Field talks about being there vs. seeing it on TV Board

Amy Corr's Pre-Game Ad Previews in Out to Launch

Nina Lentini's Pre-Game Survey Of Super Bowl Ads by 'Real People'

CBS Special on the Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials

Nielsen's Guide to Super Bowl Economics

On Sunday, AdForum will feature a post-game series of 70 ads, published in real time, with about a 10-minute delay. Check it out.

YouTube promises post-game fun with ads.

AdAge looks at the game from every conceivable angle.

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