Saturday, February 03, 2007

WSOC Press Release: Tanner Sends Valentines To The Troops

Operations Manager/Program Director for Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ 1660AM WFNA & Country Station 103.7 WSOC DJ Stout announced today that Rob Tanner from the Tanner in the Morning Show will reach out to the community to collect hundreds of Valentine's cards to mail to our hometown troops serving duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Tanner and our 103.7 WSOC loyal listeners are always coming up with unique ways to thank our troops and since Valentine's Day is coming up, 103.7 WSOC really wants to show all of our men and women on duty how much we love them and that we are always thinking of them even on Valentine's Day", said Stout. Stout also said, "We have had an amazing and overwhelming response to our request for Valentine's cards and Tanner has received over 3,000 special Valentine's cards that he will mail to various military personnel serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The 103.7 WSOC listeners are the most caring and supportive people when it comes to thinking about our community and our local heroes in the military", said Rob Tanner, host of the Tanner in the Morning Show. "It is great to know that our troops won't be forgotten this Valentine's Day when they are away from their families and the ones that they love".

#1 for Charlotte's Country Favorites, 103.7 WSOC is a CBS Radio station. The station began playing and promoting country music in the Carolinas in 1971. The call letters, which stand for, "We Serve Our Community", were established in 1928.

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