Monday, February 12, 2007

Online Video Faves: News for the middle-aged, music videos for young adults

Those are two of the main findings of a new study conducted by InsightExpress on behalf of regarding online video viewing habits. According to the study of 500 adults ages 18 and older, nearly half of streaming video users were likely to watch news clips or music videos (48.6% and 47.4%, respectively). About a third (32.6%) of the respondents were likely to watch streaming music videos.

Notably, only two of 10 online video users said that they were likely to stream user-generated content. This means a lot of user-generated content may go unwatched, since such content is expected to comprise more than half of all online video by 2010, according to Screen Digest.
According to the study, the vast majority (87.9%) of video streams are viewed at home, while 8.5% are viewed at work and 3.6% at school.

The type of content viewed by study respondents depended on age. Viewers ages 35 and older were 24% more likely to watch news clips than the overall group. Similarly, respondents ages 18 to 34 were 38% more likely to watch streamed music videos than the group as a whole.
Question: should your news team have video cameras with them? Should you post online video on your website of your local news and promote that in your radio newscasts? Newspapers are starting to do this now. The brands which want to emerge as the local news leader, whether today we're 'print,' 'radio,' or 'television,' are going to be in the space soon. (click to see how they do it in Door County, Wisconsin)

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