Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JRN's CT-40 Host Gets A Well-Deserved Admiring Profile

.. and it comes from his hometown newspaper by Melissa Winn: "The Cowboy Way, love of horses has Bob and Nan Kingsley busy." His voice is unmistakable and his name is synonymous with country music. He has never topped the charts though he lets the world know who has each week on more than 300 radio stations. Bob Kingsley has been a part of, and promoted, country music for close to 30 years. Weekly host of Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40, he is in the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame and a two-time recipient of the CMA National Broadcast Personality of the Year Award. But aside from being the voice that speaks to millions worldwide, Kingsley has a passion for horses and the “cowboy” way of life. Kingsley and his wife, Nan, moved to Weatherford permanently 12 years ago from California.

“It’s hard to articulate but I think it’s because they have a certain integrity I truly admire,” he explains. “They have a work ethic that is hard to find and they do what they say they’re gonna do. I love being around people like that.”

Congrats, Bob and Nan. Nice "ink!"
I'm proud to have worked with you and admired you as true friends now for almost all of those three decades!

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