Friday, February 09, 2007

RAEL Hits Another Home Run

The Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab is conducting a new series of research projects under the umbrella theme, “Radio and the Consumer's Mind: How Radio Works.”

The goal is to continue learning both how Radio advertising affects consumers differently and how it works synergistically with other forms of media. The new paper, "Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers," includes a new Internet-based experiment conducted by Harris Interactive for RAEL. This new test adds to knowledge from other research to provide an overview of how Radio and the Internet could work well together as ad vehicles.

This new online test showed that recall of advertising is dramatically enhanced (27 percent versus 6 percent) when a mix of Radio and Internet ads is used compared to website ads alone. Radio ads can also improve website traffic and a brand's emotional bond with consumers when added to Internet exposures. Overall, the picture seems clear: Radio and the Internet can be powerful advertising complements. Whether the goal is to reach more people, or to reach them with greater impact, this particular combination of media seems to be a recipe that’s worthy of more consideration.

The full report from the study can be downloaded by clicking below.

Executive Summary: Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers (four-page summary of the results; published February 2007)

Shame on you if you talk on, write for or market radio and you don't run, not walk, to the RAEL website for this great information!

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