Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thanks AGAIN, RAEL.. You May Have Given Some Ammo To Us Clutter Police!

In the item below (RAEL Hits Another Home Run) I strongly recommended the latest Radio Ad Lab study, released only Friday. Now the RAEL Webcast from RAB'07 in Dallas (Requires Windows Media) is also online too. However, that isn't why I am writing an additional post.

Here's why I want you to down load the full report Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers and go immediately to Page 24, where they talk about an unintended "research effect" of the study, especially if you have a client who wants to run more than one ad a quarter hour, or a client, seller, SM or GM who feels that every traffic, weather, news and sports update must have both an open and a close ID for the sponsor. Direct from the study:
...those receiving two exposures to the same radio ad were hearing that ad twice only a few minutes apart. Harris Interactive and the RAEL Research Committee both now believe that those two exposures in such quick succession may actually have harmed the more emotions-linked responses. While the second exposure may have continued to grow with the second radio impression, the second exposure may have actually started to hurt whatever positive feelings were triggered by the first exposure.

Yes, I know that a "research effect" isn't a finding or a recommendation and these two ads were :30's not :10's or :05's, but this makes so much sense that I hope you'll keep the pages in this latest RAEL report describing this phenomonon close by and ask anyone who wants to run the same 'ad' more than once in under 12 minutes to reconsider that in light of the fact that it could be hurting THEM ( well as US).

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