Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Only 41% Of Country Listeners Are Even Aware Of HD Radio

Just 41.2% of country radio listeners in the US claim to have “heard of HD radio” according to a new, on-line survey of more than 10,000 country radio listeners in the United States and Canada, conducted by Albright & O’Malley, Country Radio Consultants.

The survey found males (50.9%) more aware than females (38.8%), while awareness among persons 25-44 is higher (42.6%) than it is among persons 12-24 or persons 55+.

Underscoring this unfamiliarity, 46% of the total sample didn’t know if special equipment was needed to hear HD radio, while 5.1% believed they could receive HD radio on any radio.

Even among those who had heard of HD radio, 82.6% said they were “not very familiar” with the available programming.

HD radio awareness in Canada was even lower where just 23.1% of respondents indicated they had heard of HD radio.

The survey did reveal this positive fact about HD radio: while small in number, 24% of respondents who had an HD radio experience indicated they would be ‘very likely’ to recommend HD radio to a friend. These respondents were nearly twice as likely to be male.

Albright & O’Malley will present additional results of their “Roadmap 2007” study at this year’s Albright & O’Malley Pre-CRS “Sunrise Seminar” on Wednesday morning, prior to the start of the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. “Roadmap 2007” is a perceptual study of 10,062 country radio listeners across the U.S. and Canada who completed an online questionnaire on the type of country music they like best, reasons for listening to their favorite country station, degree of satisfaction with that station, voice tracking, streaming, HD Radio, marketing preferences, and their attitudes toward participating in a diary, telephone or metered radio rating surveys. The survey was created with the assistance of Mercury Radio Research.

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Buzz Jackson said...

41%? I'm shocked it's that many!