Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pop Culture Madness

Staying up with pop culture fads and trends is a daunting task. Pop Culture Madness works to help.

The guy who manages the site is in Wilmington, DE and his name is Joe (302-793-4913). When I emailed to tell him I was a fan, he emailed back almost immediately:
"PCM started in 1999, with a few random lists of songs. Top 10 worst songs of all time, etc.

"Through the years, we have added dozens of songs lists (sad, friendship, break-up), and added a feature seen nowhere else on the internet: The most requested songs of all time. Our annual
lists don't rehash old Billboard charts. Instead they have a top 40 list of songs that have outlasted the rest from their era. Our number one song for the year isn't "Ballad of the Green Berets" or "Winchester Cathedral" as Billboard states, but "Summer Wind," Billboard's # 25 song for that year. Why? Because, simply put, more people know "Summer Wind" than the other two. It was featured in the film, "The Pope of Greenwich Village", which gave it a whole new audience.

"We have over 400 joke/trivia pages too. We founded last year to allow for the Hip-Hop, most of which isn't family friendly enough for Pop Culture Madness.

"We get many suggestions from visitors coming from the Country perspective, and given the size of the market, we want to build that section up. I have started the Top 40 most requested Country/Pop tunes list. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the month. I'm more a
pop/rock fan, although I like and appreciate Garth, Martina, Toby and a few others. I'm looking for an intern or two who are more knowledable about it for reviews and features. Also watching more Country Music Channel myself! :-)"

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Joe Hummel said...

Pop Culture is looking to expand our country music, film, television and book reviews this year and we are actively looking for people who are looking for the the kind of coverage PCM and our affiliated sites can offer.

Pop Culture Madness is one of the most popular pop-culture themed sites on the internet. We have top rated google placement (check out POP CULTURE, POP MUSIC or POP SONGS on Google!) and can help promote almost any pop-culture event or product.

Paid advertising space is available as well of course!
Let me know about any possible products or upcoming releases that you may want to promote.

Please let me know if you are interested in a relationship with Pop Culture Madness!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!