Sunday, February 19, 2006

Phil Vassar Nominated for Emmy

You didn't read that wrong. Yes, the Emmy Award is for television. Chart-topping singer, songwriter and performer Phil Vassar has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Original Song" category for his composition "Live For Today," which Vassar performed the song, produced for a recurring series on NBC's Today Show, which he co-wrote with his wife Julie and Randy Wachtler. Vassar's recording was chosen from more than 100 entries to be used in a Today Show segment in which lucky viewers were enabled to live out their dreams. The country star debuted the song live on the Today Show last May.

GMA, CBS Morning News and Today are competing for your at home audience. Have you kicked up the entertainment value of your morning show to defend against them? They buy spots in your morning show promoting theirs! Are you doing the same thing in reverse? How are you staying top of mind with morning TV 'listeners?'


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