Thursday, February 02, 2006

A&O Has Never Reported Our "Adds"

With the news that Cox joins Cumulus in no longer permitting their stations to report "adds" to trade publications, I have to admit that I am scratching my head over what all the fuss is about. In a monitored world, you can check BDS, Mediabase or Mediaguide for songs played for seven spins or less in a 7 day period and, presto, there are their ADDS!

I've always wondered how the clients of other consultants feel when they see their consultant's supposedly-proprietary rotation recommendations being posted in promo blogs, emailed, faxed and touted early each week to everyone, including the competition.

It's no accident that you never see Accu-Test info distributed in this way by the music promotion community. Our only goal is to help our stations win in the ratings and we consider that research-based info an important weapon in our clients' arsenal.

Don't be surprised if some other major groups and consultants begin to rethink their policies of reporting 'adds' as well. I think it's about time.

A&O has never done it, never will.

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Bob Perry said...

On the money, Jaye.

I have always wondered what McVay and other consultants really gain by posting their picks for clients. Why should client stations allow that since it's part of the package they are paying for, right?

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