Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prep Tip From A Pro (Forwarded By Another One)

More about the importance of show prep thanks to a fellow member of The Colbert Nation:  
I'm a huge fan of the real-time improv style of The Colbert Report and ran across this quote from Stephen Colbert about the show:

Colbert said that to him, “the show” isn’t the performance in front of his audience. The “show” is really what he does all day with his staff. “There’s the joy in doing this hard thing,” he explained. “That hard work together IS the show…. I then have the responsibility and pleasure of SHARING what that joy was [with the audience].”

Colbert makes it look easy during the show, but if you're properly prepared, the payoff is in the performance.

- Buzz Jackson, PD, KIIM/ Cumulus, Tucson

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Jozum said...

I did not know Colbert was a theatre guy (I saw him in a production of "Company" in the movie theatre last year) but his allusion is correct. As someone who has done theatre his entire life, he is correct in that rehearsal is the fun part of the process, i.e. discovery, creation, experimentation, etc. The payoff is in presenting the outcome to an audience.