Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sorry, Harvard Business Review, Not Today.

They've been on the market since mid-November, so I don't blame HBR for emailing me a great bargain on exactly the type of business books to normally buy.

In a few days I'll be ready for urgency, change, accelerating change, then more newer ideas on acceleration, followed by lots of working with others to to achieve buy-in and all, but for a few days this week, let's all just slow down.

The books will still be there next week.

I don't even require a book detailing any "Quick and Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind." 

It's not a day for "quick" or "easy."  

It's time for another helping of leftovers and thanks to a Holiday-ful of loved ones and friends, it might even be time for a little nap, don't you think?

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