Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Low Hanging Fruit

Phantom cume is real.  PPM proves it.

As noted here last week, the average radio station's cume almost doubles under PPM measurement.

If your radio station is measured by diaries, it seems that roughly half your audience simply forgets (or doesn't care enough about what they hear) to write down listening they actually did to you.

Ponder this:

If you could help them remember all of the usage they actually do, you could double your cume audience without spending a dime in marketing!


Buzz Jackson said...

Don't leave us hanging, Jaye! Tell us how!

Albright and O'Malley said...

You fell for the tease, Buzz. Coming tomorrow and Monday. Thanks.

Dawson said...

"comin up right after the break!" *music stinger out*

Unknown said...

will be waiting for words of wisdom.

Unknown said...

I thought a good appointment gave us a time... ha! will be waiting