Thursday, April 24, 2014


I learned this approach from Cumulus/Nashville OM Charlie Cook:

Every personality should take a legal pad into the studio.

As you go, following each content break, write a shorthand diary that is informative enough so that you can go back over it and understand what each element of the show was.

After you are off air, review the “content map” you created in advance and compare it with what you actually did.

The idea is to learn and talk about what you will do differently as you put together tomorrow’s show.

Classify each individual element under one of three categories
  • Worked.  Use again.
  • Did not work.  Modify and try again.
  • Did not work.  Do not use again.
As time goes by, you’re going to have a huge log of evidence - as judged by YOU - what is acceptable and unacceptable for future morning shows.

The better you become, the better you’ll do!

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