Thursday, April 17, 2014

If You Want Your Talent To Prep

Prep For Every Meeting With Them.

Go to every critique with one or two strengths you appreciate in the talent, with ideas for ways they can stress therm even more,

If you feel they have weaknesses to work on, think carefully about how to achieve buy-in before you drop them directly.

Even if you start with two or three strengths and effusive praise, most likely the one thing they’re going to remember from the session is this negative.

Think of talking about any shortcomings as pieces of dynamite and be prepared to do first aid if someone gets injured when you bring them up.

Some people require a light touch.  Others will ONLY change when very directly told what they must work on if they want to keep their job.

Think this through before the meeting, realizing that the only want to get anyone to change is for the individual to choose it.

Be prepared to use disciplinary action as a last resort if necessary, but take to your boss about this in advance and make sure you have support from above so that the talent knows it isn’t personal just between you.

It's about making them better.

You will be more effective when they honestly believe that.

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