Sunday, December 13, 2009

ARB Fly-In 2009 Quotes

"We need to tell a better story to a broader range of advertiser.” -Alton Adam, Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer/Arbitron

“People want more from the devices they carry and audience measurement should be designed for any media, anywhere, any time.” -Taymoor Arshi, ARB Senior Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

PPM shows that the average listener comes to radio 31 occasions of listening per week, half of them to their P-1 station. These are “16 moments of truth” for stations and personalities. Are you driving more than just ‘average’ daily regularity from your heavy users by deeply understanding who your listeners are, where they are, what they care about, what else they do?” -Tripp Eldredge, DMRInteractive

“Spot loads matter in PPM ratings. Every time the station breaks, people bolt. The more times you break, the more they bolt. ARB is ultimately hoping that owners realize they need to cut commercial their loads to get rating point levels up, which will drive revenue growth.” -John Snyder, Vice President, Portable People Meter Sales/ARB

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Scott Gaines said...


What's it going to take to get the higher up mucky mucks to understand this PPM news. The 16 truths are what everyone should be doing on air. If and when you crack that microphone it needs to be first class and a very good reason to stop the progress of their favorite music. Because realistically they really don't care what you have to say at least according to most GM/PD's. I make sure if I am taking time out of their day it better be worth the interruption. The ad belief is right on too. Once we hit spots they are gone, until we come back, so we have to give them a reason to stay and a great reason to come back, I mean in a perfect world we don't want them to leave but were kidding ourselves if we think they stick around during spots and PPM just proved that further. The appointment listening is key and very few stations do it effectively I know here in Dallas, KISS and the Wolf are masters at it which explains their ratings success. It takes more than "Hey coming up at 2:15 and I will tell you why Keith Urban refuses to go to Starbucks" I have heard some teases that were that inane, so fore thought would actually rock. I guess with all the jobs that were lost this past year you would think the ones left on the air would put more into the product. I know they are stretched to the limit voice tracking 6 other stations and office work too. But it can be done. I feel 2010 is radio's year to shine again. It's been a rough couple of years but I feel were coming back and better than ever.