Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Lesson In How To Get A TV Station To Mention Your Name And Call Letters

Peak Broadcasting's WOW Country 104.3 morning guy Don Jarrett not only got some amazing TV coverage, but won recognition of Idaho NewsChannel7 as their "7's Hero" award for an amazing accomplishment, as he lived on the street for 104 hours (click to watch the video).

Ya wonder if the job application he filled out when Don returned from Salt Lake City to work at WOW 104.3 contained anything about tolerance to cold.

His next stunt? Make-A-Wish Foundation's January 1 "Polar Bear Challenge!"


Jimmy Wayne said...

Country music recording artist Jimmy Wayne will launch his “Meet Me Halfway” campaign on January 1, 2010 when he begins his solo walk halfway across America in Nashville, TN. Wayne’s intention is not only to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, especially at risk children, teens and young adults, but also raise funds for organizations that benefit homeless youth, including HomeBase Youth Services, a Phoenix, AZ -- based organization that provides essentials for homeless young adults. Wayne will begin the walk at 10:00 a.m. CT on January 1st at Monroe Harding in Nashville, another organization that services at risk children and young adults. He plans to walk to Phoenix, AZ.

“I realize beginning a mission like this in the dead of winter and walking through the middle of the country is going to be difficult, but I hope and pray I am up to the challenge,” Wayne said. “It’s going to be cold, rainy and maybe even snowing and that ground I sleep on at night is going to be really hard. But that’s what the homeless are dealing with each and every winter they go without a home of their own. Our country is too great for us to have people who are suffering so. And events of the past 12 to 14 months have increased the number of people—especially children and young adults—without a safe place to sleep. We as a nation have got to end homelessness and we've got to help these kids.”

Wayne grew up in a variety of foster and group homes, and occasionally found himself homeless as a teen. He was given a second chance when Bea and Russell Costner gave him a home and fresh start when he was only 16 years old. He has never forgotten the generosity of the couple, who were in their 70's when they took Wayne in.

More info at: http://www.jimmywayne.com/ and http://www.hbys.org/

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, Jaye! We had a long week supporting Don as he spent his 104 hours up at 'Camp WOW'.

The most remarkable thing was that he managed to stay in such GREAT spirits. Nothing like seeing your community pull together to support such a great cause!

Broadcast Dialogue said...

K97 Edmonton’s Terry Evans, of the Terry, Bill & Steve show, moved into an 18-wheeler early last
Monday morning. Three days and five hours later, he moved out because the trailer had been filled with non-perishables. Also raised were monetary donations exceeding $20,000, all to benefit the K-97 Christmas Rig for Edmonton’s Food Bank... Q99 Grande Prairie collected 8,666 food items over a four-week period during its second Stuff A Bus promotion for the Salvation Army. This year’s results double those of last year’s effort... The
Q (CFQR) Montreal’s 12 Days of Starlight has raised $137,291.00, almost 85% more than expected. In its second year, The Q's 12 Days of Starlight appealed to Montrealers as well as local businesses to make a difference in the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

Lisa Adams said...

Don ended up raising over 2.5 tons of food, clothing and toys along with over $3,000 in donations to the Boise Rescue Mission.

Lisa Adams
Program Director/On-Air Personality,
(208) 275-8193 - office