Friday, December 04, 2009


There are many ways to decide what to play, let alone what to do with your time, whether you're a radio station or a musician.

You could ask listeners and play the hits they say they like most (pictured: this week's RateTheMusic top ten, ranked by "total favorite" percentages), you could do a free listener appreciation show with a no-name or two and hope that exposing them to listeners gets a superstar of tomorrow started on their way, or you could play spin the wheel and just expose the whole process for what a joke it is (pictured: KUPL/Portland, making the point - it would be nice to hope - with tongue firmly in cheek from today's Country Aircheck)

Before you get tempted to play the game in any other way than one which is good for your audience and your station, take a look at Tim Quirk's blog and think about all the money which labels will be billing for those other "Too Much Joy"-level artists for their rest of their lives, as they go on with their "career," most of them working outside the music business at normal jobs, looking back at the whole process while sardonically rolling words like “$10,000 Is Nothing” around in their mind for many fruitless years to come (pictured: TMJ's absurd royalty statement from their former label).
"How you gonna convince people not to steal when you’re stealing yourself?" -- Bob Lefsetz

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