Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is It That I'm Not For Freedom And Justice?

As a person who aggressively supported the Obama run for the Presidency last year, I get lots of emails - from everyone from Joe Biden to Madeline Albright and all points between asking me to donate and work for all sorts of typical Democratic and progressive causes. So, when even one of those sends me a solicitation addressed to "Hi, all" which starts out with "Dear Friends.." it doesn't take me long to delete it, reporting it as SPAM.

Do you want my money, time, support, loyalty, even if you happen to be representing yourself as being from something I really believe deeply in??

Address me in the singular, as one person. Even better, use my name in the email header.

And, Barry, whoever you are: if you have something to tell me, you might want to simply address me directly by sending an email which at least "appears" as if it's directly from you to me.

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