Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Troubadour": Neil Haislop Reviews The LP Launch From Los Angeles

ImageGeorge Strait played L.A. this past weekend and KKGO morning drive star, Shawn Parr tells Haislop:

"I was blown away by how young the audience was that surrounded the stage cheering for George."

We figured there are two reasons for that. First, after 27 years on the charts, George Strait is singing better than ever, masterfully to be precise, and it shows on every cut of his new album. Also, he's a legend that young folks may come to a show to experience, then realize that he's lost none of his vocal power, charm and natural appeal. Amazing to see.

George also has to be super proud of his new, 12 song album, and says the title song is kind of about him.

"It's the title of a great song on the album and it just kind of f it. It's just a kind of romantic way of saying a singer-songwriter...I don't write many songs anymore, but at the time when I did go to Nashville I did write a few songs back then. And it wasn't really about me but it did kind of go along with what I'd done and so it just worked out that way."

The first single from Troubadour is “I Saw God Today” which was George’s highest debuting single ever – it is currently Top 5 and climbing on both charts.

George says, "I Saw God Today' is such a well-written song, it means a lot. Sometimes we take a lot of things for granted, especially anybody that's had a child. When they first see 'em if they're in the delivery room or not when hey first see that child it is truly a miracle and you just realize that all these things that God has given us and how many blessings that we have around us all the time that sometimes just take for granted if you just step back and take a look around you'll see what beauty we have around us and the things he's created for us."

Strait's "Troubador" is deep in strong material that he'll be able to release for a couple of years. One the SUPER STANDOUTS is a duet with a singer who gets credit for helping take Vince Gill to breakout star status in 1990 when she lent her vocals to his tune, "When I Call Your Name."

Patty has emerged strongly again joining George on a future Vocal Event of the Year winner titled, "House of Cash." We're reminded once again of Patty's status as one of the great country vocalists the format has ever had on this excellent ode to Johnny and June.

George says, "Well I've been a fan of Patty's for a long time and think that she's a great singer. It had kind of been in the back of my mind to sing something with her someday. When we got this song it seemed like the right one and I could just hear her singing it so we called her up and she agreed to do it and I think it turned out great."

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