Monday, April 28, 2008

Media Audit: Radio & Outdoor Are No Longer The Only Out-Of-Home Media

Over the past decade, the transformation of the traditional shopping mall has generated interest among major advertisers to utilize the modern day mall as an out-of-home medium, capable of reaching consumers where and when they are ready to buy. Enclosed shopping malls, which proliferated in the 70's, are now giving way to open-air lifestyle centers and outlet malls, all of which offer marketing opportunities such as digital screens and kiosks strategically placed throughout entrances, food courts, escalators and corridors for shoppers to view. Shopping malls also offer advertisers the ability to interact with customers through sampling, product demonstrations, and events.

Data from The Media Audit enables marketers to profile shoppers of local malls and compare qualitative characteristics against other media such as radio, television, cable, print and the Internet. For example, adults who shop Town & Country Village in Houston are nearly three times as likely to be buying a new car, van, truck or SUV in the next twelve months - a figure that is higher than any other media audience in the Houston market except for the Wall Street Journal. Nearly 24% of the mall's shoppers plan to buy a new vehicle in the next twelve months, compared to only 8.2% for the total market. Shoppers of this mall are also more likely than the market to own brands such as Mercedes, Acura, Volvo and BMW.

The relatively small outdoor shopping mall located on Houston's growing West side features upscale shops such as Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware and Ann Taylor, appealing to upscale suburban consumers. In many cases, malls like these represent an alternative to traditional in-home media and are growing in numbers. Simon Property Group, the largest shopping mall owner in the U.S. offers more than 2,000 screens in 50 malls for advertisers to air commercials.

Super regional malls such as Mall of America in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the mall complex at King of Prussia in Philadelphia could offer significant reach opportunities for major advertisers. According to The Media Audit, more than a quarter of adults in Minneapolis shop Mall of America most often and more adults shop at King of Prussia in Philadelphia than any other local shopping mall. For more information on local shopping mall data, contact Phillip Beswick.

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