Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toby Keith, Hero

People's Eileen Finan broke the story: TK and his USO tour troupe encountered mortar fire while they were performing in Afganistan.

Keith, on an 18-show USO tour through the Persian Gulf, was right in the middle of his song "Weed With Willie" when mortar fire on the base interrupted him Thursday night.

"We all ran about 100 yards to a concrete bunker," says Keith's agent, Curt Motley, who is also on the USO tour. Keith, 46, and his band hunkered down with the soldiers in a bunker about an hour, signing autographs and posing for shots to pass the time.

Ask anyone who has spent quality time with him: Keith does this dangerous duty because of his tremendous respect and admiration for the job our troops are doing.

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