Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A&O Q&A: Using Your Stream Stats To Learn What Listeners Love/Hate

Q: We have metrics on the flow of our streaming audio audience showing the levels of online listening to the station. Can I use this data to learn about my rated listening as well?

A: You bet you can. Streaming metrics of numerous stations in all three PPM markets have been overlayed with the actual audience behavior as measured by the PPM and the matchup is uncannily similar. So, if you want to know if a specific repetitive and irritating commercial, a new song, or a special event (play-by-play on a music FM) is costing you real audience, just look at your streaming statistics. If you want to know if a contest or prize is working to improve your cume or moving your excisting cume to new listening appointments, check your stream data. Portable People Meter audience flow numbers tend to look very much like it.

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