Thursday, April 24, 2008

60 Shows A Year Is Toby Keith's "Magic Number"

Toby tells Neil Haislop that he used to do over twice as many dates each year than he does these days. He says over the last few years he's kept his tour dates to around a magic number of 60 big shows a year.
"We used to do a hundred or so, in '95 I did 150 shows. But, through the years we got it down to doing the 60 biggest cities and call it good. We try to protect our markets and stay out of there a year," he says so as not to burn out their welcome. "There are some like Boston, Detroit and Pittsburgh, D.C. and other places where we had to do two shows at those amphitheaters and we'll have four or five of those that will add it up a little bit."

TOBY'S BIGGEST AND BADDEST TOUR 2008 kicks of June 19th in Birmingham, Alabama. Montgomery Gentry will open for him along with Show Dog Nashville's fresh new trio Carter's Chord, comprised of the three Robertson sisters, and new signing Mica Roberts

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