Saturday, January 07, 2006

Giving Away "Your Two Cents' Worth"

Longtime promotion vet Ken Van Durand, whose email address says it all for what he is doing these days, can't stop thinking about his specialty and fortunately A&O is a recipient of his ideas:

See this story for the setup

"Not an original idea---but still seems valid. I think the new two cent stamp comes in a sheet of 20. So, for forty cents a radio station can give away enough stamps to take care of most of the 37 cent stamps people have. Giving away "your two cents worth" does not cost much...but what listeners actually win is time...and no one likes spending time in line...especially in line waiting for a government worker to go into action. You can give away to first five callers every break and never go broke! So, give away stamps...the gift of time. Have the morning show or an intern stand in line to get the stamps (and of course do that live on air too)...everyone wins."

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Ken Van Durand said...

In a message dated 1/7/2006 9:40:39 PM Central Standard Time, Radioconsultj writes:
I am stealin' (with credit to YOU) this!

KVD replies:

Very kind of you...but not original...recycled from 1970's by WLOF in Orlando with Bill Vermillion as the man behind the idea.
BTW---checked the US Postal System web site last nite.
They still have no info on the new rates...our tax dollars at work.
It would seem kind of important to me that they have that on their site the minute they knew what the rates would be.
What a FUBAR organization.