Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time For Programmers To Learn A New Language

This development is not at all surprising.

As usual, they want us to cut our inventories while refusing to pay anything more when we do it, in spite of considerable data proving radio's impact.

If the only way they will pay more is when "cost per point" hits media buyer wishes and dreams, it's crucial that the people creating content fully understand which quarter hours and programming tactics have the highest potential to get target GRPs, ultimately ARPs, as high as possible.

Let's stop worrying about 6+ average quarter hour shares, replacing those with the highest payoff target points.

That's an entirely new way to approach formatic, content and programming metrics.

It's going to require a quick learning curve for most Brand Managers, but A&O&B can help make it simple and very rewarding for you to do so.

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Catherine Kelly, VP Electronic Measurement, Numeris at OAB as quoted by Broadcast Dialogue (click for pdf) said...

AMA is the true measure of audience in a PPM world. It takes daily cume and total time spent, and pushes them together.

Loyalty Percent is the most underutilized stat. It has to be tracked at the show level so that you know the percentage of your morning show, in minutes, that people are consum- ing daily, weekly, monthly, over and over.