Monday, June 01, 2009

Kelly O’Keefe, Is Radio Popular Or Not?

The public research report, just out, is all sunshine and light:
“Younger 18-24 demos were more positive about radio than the audience in general. We saw improvement more quickly than we predicted.”

Could that be because they were using radio all along?

But, if things are so good, who needs to "turn radio back on", which is the internal campaign slogan at O'Keefe Brands?

Are we supposed to believe that they were turning radio off until the NAB hired Kelly's company and now that we've run their promo's, everything's OK?

Meanwhile, the public voice for the campaign - the impressive, dynamic David Rehr - when it was launched 18 months ago, is now looking for a new job.

There's so much 'spin' going on here, I am getting dizzy.

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