Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Research Tracking: "Day Trips" Are Hot This Summer

81.6% of consumers surveyed say they are looking to trim their vacation budgets while indulging in a little summer fun name day trips as what’s hot in June.

Outdoor entertainment was a hot topic as well, with beach vacations (66.4%), camping (64.8%), and backyard firepits (63.6%) also rating highly.

Twitter is all the rage among those 35+ (hmm…have the younger, trendier crowds moved on already?!), while young men are all about Conan O’Brien and Megan Fox, likely for vastly different reasons.

What’s Not? Hawaiian shirts…keep those lei-ing in the bottom of your dresser drawer this season (unless you're KSON/San Diego PD John Marks who has been wearing them to work every day whether survey says they're hot or cool for many decades).

1 comment:

Steve Shannon said...

I hate staycations... webinars.... funemployment.... chillaxin! Who thinks of this crap??