Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael, Farrah And Radio's Role In Their Lives

From my inbox:
In the passing of Michael Jackson today, I was very interested to see how radio might mark this event. As a child I was always inspired by how radio would capture momentous events and you would always later remember "Oh, I was listening to Wild when the Rodney King riots were happening" or "I remember when Johnny Cash died, I heard it on Q105" (the same day John Ritter died) I remember being 12 and when the Gulf War started I listened to X100 for updates (they brought the morning newschick in at 7pm) Or, it could be that I am just a big dork...but be that as it may.

SO - I turned on my FAVORITE R&B station - the one I have been listening to since like 2000. I RELIED on them to capture what had happened with Michael and pay tribute to him. They did SOMEWHAT - but the moment I turned on the station it was actually a Prince song. Once they got into their tributes (almost 2 hours after his death) the jock seemed rather flat and didn't reset the fact that MJ had died for a half an hour. He kept saying it was a tribute, but never said when, why or how MJ died (and this was a time when people were leaving their offices and may have been stuck in meetings or spreadsheets all day not knowing the news)

To say the least, I was disappointed. Not to sound morbid, but I thought this kind of station would have been somewhat prepared for this (due to Michael's frailty) I am sure in this stations defense, they are preparing for a tribute weekend

To sound even more morbid - I would hope that our genre has a better plan in place and can think a bit more on it's feet should we (God forbid) lose one of our modern legends.

Disappointed in Wine Country aka Joss (from KFGY, Santa Rosa)

But, not everyone forgot:
E.j. Becker sent a Facebook message to the members of KMBZ-Kansas City's Morning News.
Subject: what a day!

as i sit here like so many others (i can tell because the stream is so slow) watching thriller on youtube, it's hard to believe that jacko is gone.

he was one of the few entertainers around today that touched every generation -- either as a member of the jackson 5, as a solo artist, or because of the myriad odd things that brought him attention in the years after his entertainment career became less prominent.

we'll have the latest on the death of michael jackson, take a look back at the life of farrah fawcett, talk with steve forbes and bring you the week in review (think there's not plenty to talk about?) friday morning from 5-9 on kansas city's morning news with ellen and me.

see you then!


And, here's KSON, San Diego:
From: Tori Peck

With the sudden death of Michael Jackson, we have a few interviews to help cover.

Cliff got a Cardiologist to discuss heart attack at a young age and reminder of how to take care of yourself

Jill from UltraStar Theatres. They keep a diffibulator in their theatres.

Michael Orland from American Idol. His partner from IDOL has worked with Michael Jackson for years.

Two interviews that were already set up are Martina McBride (7:20) and Blake Shelton (8:20). We can talk to them about this as well.

Morgan will have audio to include in her news broadcasts.

Then, from Rod West (800-279-0014) at Brandon D'Amore Productions: came this link to a retrospective for Farrah you can download self-contained free for your air, and also workparts if you prefer to build your own tribute.

Download Farrah Fawcett Promo Package
(includes: mixdowns and Adobe Audition session)

Download Farrah Fawcett Promo Package

(includes: mixdowns and Protools session)

Did you remember? Or, did that part of your relationship to your listeners' lives die along with them?

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