Saturday, June 06, 2009

CRB: Music Scheduling For Dummies

Chris Huff, APD/MD, KSCS, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX: Music scheduling is often considered to be both an art and a science, and in "Music Scheduling For Dummies (Better Music Logs in Less Time)", three of the most respected artists/scientists the format has to offer discussed the hows and whys of how they put together their music logs. This at a time when the increase of multi-tasking in radio means there is less and less time to dedicate to their craft.

John Shomby of WGH/Norfolk moderated a panel that included Greg Frey, Music Director of KILT/Houston and Gwen Foster, Music Director of KMLE/Phoenix. Both of those panelists are veteran music programmers in the format, and both also handle multiple other duties at their respective stations. They offered insight into how they manage their time to ensure that they are still able to dedicate the time necessary to make their stations sound as good as possible. Greg and Gwen also shared actual music logs to show how and why they schedule music the way they do.

Additonally, the panel included consultant Keith Hill who is regarded as one of the foremost experts on music scheduling. Keith detailed much of the nuts and bolts of the science behind scheduling music. Even the most seasoned music director can find something to take away from what Keith included in his handout... and that's the beauty of CRS - programmers of all experience levels came to this session and walked away with insight to take back home!

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