Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Refund I Plan To Frame

It looks like the folks at Billboard/Nielsen/Radio & Records are not just timely in sending out renewals and bills, but they have been equally quick in refunding pre-paid registration money for the fall convention.

I got mine the day after we all learned that the publication was no more.

My first radio convention was R&R in 1974. I paid my own way and by employer at the time let me take the time off without counting it as vacation time. I learned so much that I did the same thing the following year with CRS.

My first thought when I received this was a hope that NAB would honor these registrations in Philadelphia. Then, when I realized how many great experiences I've had at R&R conventions over the years, how formative they have been for my career, I'm now glad that they didn't do that.

This credit slip belongs in a frame on my office wall, as a memorial to "Chunky Leader" Bob Wilson's genius and vision. The publication on that closed its covers a very long time ago, sadly.

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Facebook group said...

Denis 'Catfish' Miller at 9:41am June 10
....well THAT's good sad for all their employees, though...

Monika Thomas at 9:42am June 10
Whenever I have extra money I get a massage.

Tom Mazzetta at 9:48am June 10
me too, from Monique

Jaye Albright at 9:52am June 10
I wish I could buy Bob Wilson a massage.

Tom Mazzetta at 9:53am June 10

Karen Ehringer George at 10:15am June 10
Start a scholarship fund for jocks who need to go learn a new skill ;)

Amie Raine at 11:13am June 10
Start a NEW company...make me an advisor :-)

Barb Richards at 3:21pm June 10
so very sad! I miss Street Talk every morning!