Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Days, Interacting About Interactive Media

* “...a newspaper rep calls me, they don’t understand how I think. Basically, I ran a couple of ads with you, and got no response. Now I have moved on.” -- Jerome Fowlkes, managing member, Broadlands, LLC

* "Some of the broadcast advertising has come with a Web site complement. The Web element is well worth the money. It has the best tracking mechanism. -- Valerie Passwaiter, assistant marketing manager for Northwest Federal Credit Union

* "Interactive revenue will be 22% of local ad revenue by 2013, and most of that comes out of newspaper.” -- John Kelsey

When the agenda promises "leading new media experts share their insights and strategies for broadcasters, newspapers companies and cable operators to assure near and long term success in a transformed media marketplace...," you just assume that recaps of the best sessions will be blogged and steamed online and indeed BIA and The Kelsey Group have done just that for last week's meeting, well worth a click and a thorough read!

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