Friday, May 29, 2009

Self-Critiquing Tips

I attended a meeting yesterday at a client station where Charlie Sislen broke out the latest ratings, and on the way to it I read Larry King's new book, "My Remarkable Journey", turning today into one of those days where life keeps teaching the same lesson over and over until you finally get it:
"One of the things I always try to do is ask questions that begin with the word why. Don't ask questions that go over, tops, two sentences." - King
"Study radio ratings and you realize that it comes down to three words: Concise, Crisp, Compelling. If it's not going to be concise and crisp, it better be extremely compelling." - Sislen


Crystal Darche said...

Thank you, Larry King! (and thanks, Jaye!)

Anonymous said...

I guess my question is, how does being a compelling storyteller fit in? Can a story be compelling in 20 seconds?