Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When Programming Values Conflict With Personal Ones

Representatives Jim Moran (D-VA) and Robert Brady (D-PA) just introduced a bill that would also limit erectile dysfunction commercials to be broadcast between 10pm-6am. Airing the spots in other hours would be an indecency violation subject to a $325,000 FCC fine.

It's tempting to advocate for it because penile enhancement ads offend all of my programming sensibilities.

There's no one who wishes network programmers and sales executives would have the good sense to turn down all sex aid advertising, twenty-four/seven more than I do.

Sometimes two of them run in a cluster on country radio's night-time programming and you know that they have to be a huge turn-off to our listeners, who live right at the intersection of "virtue and meaning."

However, I am also a free speech advocate and if a business is stupid enough to air anything that drives their listeners away, as these offensive spots clearly do, the marketplace will teach them a lesson as long as listeners have a choice.

There's no need for a law until someone repeals good business practices, competitiveness and common sense.

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Anonymous said...

Being in Canada, we see both U.S. and Canadian ED advertising. I can see your point when the ED advertising is subject to all the rules for advertising prescription medication in electronic media. Canada doesn't require the "official" banter you need in the U.S. As an example, you don't hear on Canadian ads the side effects list. We are spared the line "if you have an erection that last more that 4 hours...have a party!" in the Canadian versions.

This is YouTube link to a Canadian Viagra commercial. You can get creative when you don't have to deal with the legal stuff:

Thanks, Jaye

Allan Gidyk. St. John's Newfoundland, Canada