Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TV/Radio Writer Mark Washburn Is Charitable

He kindly uses the word "volatility" in his story on the market's Winter '09 ARB ratings:

* Nancy Haynes, a principal in the media buying firm of Collins, Haynes & Lully, asked Arbitron to double-check the figures because of double-digit changes in key groups. Arbitron is reviewing the data.

* “There's some strange things in there,” said Rick Jackson, general manager for Greater Media's WBT-AM and WLNK-FM. “Rush Limbaugh was No. 2 with teenage girls 12-18 years in age. That makes no sense at all. He's never competed in that gender or that demo. There was a lot of change from year to year – double digit for almost everyone.”

* Another statistic of note: Six of the top seven stations are within one percentage point of each other in overall share.

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