Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Garth Factor

Former publicist Patsi Bale Cox has written a Garth Brooks biography entitled The Garth Factor: The Career Behind Country's Big Boom, out this month.

Cox worked with Brooks in the '90s and describes the book as being about "celebrity, record labels and creativity." She adds, "I neither asked [Brooks'] permission to write this book, nor did I ask him to participate. I told him what I was doing and that was that."

Read more at Cox's blog here. A book reception will be held at Nashville's Davis Kidd Booksellers June 4 at 6pm.

Backstage at the taping of the George Strait Artist of the Decade, Garth was asked by Neal Haislop if he knew there was new book coming out about him. When he asked who was writing it and they said, Patsi Bale Cox, Garth said, "If it's by Patsy that will be a good one."


Facebook Thread said...

Karen Ehringer George at 5:37am May 14
Jaye he's the reason I got into this crazy business. More than just a singer to me that's for sure!

Morgan Thomas at 5:42am May 14
besides the fact he made this format as we know it now, he is a master in marketing, re-inventing himself and staying relevant. He's the ultimate package....

Steve Ferguson at 5:46am May 14
He has a passion for music, people, his fans and entertaining. He is also a very nice guy, very humble and grateful for all his success.

facebook Thread said...

Anna Cherry at 6:12am May 14
And I remember when he used to finish behind Clint Black always with those first releases and how badly I wanted him to get some due attention. LOL.

Paige Nienaber at 6:25am May 14
I ran into Chris Gaines valet parking cars at a strip club in Iowa. He blames Garth for not supporting his second CD and getting him dropped from the label. VERY bitter.

Jeff Winfield at 6:26am May 14
Outside of CRS/Nashville events, I think we saw Garth 4 times. From playing the small venues to the huge arena shows. Each time our group was treated the same way, individually and with kindness. To this day many years later I'm still amazed by this! And his music wasn't bad either!!! There's a lesson to be learned by watching Garth.

facebook Thread said...

Bob Perry at 8:02am May 14
C'mon, to be fair you have to mention Wayne, too. Without him, I don't think that cable access show would even be on at all!

Joe Carroll at 8:38am May 14
Wow, isn't that cool, I am reading about the amazing difference one person named Sarah is going to make in our business.....Jaye, I knew we had something in common. :-)